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Dream Rest Cushion Bed (Wall Mounted)

Dream Rest Cushion Bed (Wall Mounted)

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šŸ“œ Product Overview

  • Structure Material: Plywood
  • Foam: High Density
  • Fabric Color: Beige (As per your Choice)
  • Single Dimensions: Depth 6 x Width 30-46 x Height 30 Inches
  • Double Dimensions: Depth 6 x Width 48 x Height 30 Inches
  • Queen Dimensions: Depth 6 x Width 60-66 x Height 30 Inches
  • King Dimensions: Depth 6 x Width 72 x Height 30 Inches
  • Type: Wall Mounted

šŸŽØ Customization Options

Absolutely! You have endless choices for customizing furniture to match your space and style.

  • Dimensions: Specify the size (height, width, depth) to fit your space.
  • Polish/Finish: Choose wood finishes or paint colors.
  • Material: Select base material (wood, metal, glass).
  • Design: Specify style, shelves, drawers, and decor.
  • Hardware: Customize knobs, handles, etc.
  • Leg Style: Pick from tapered, straight, curved, or metal legs.
  • Storage Options: Decide on shelves and drawers.
  • Design Details: Add Tufting, Trim, Carvings.
  • Modular Furniture: Configure modular systems.
  • Fabric: Choose Upholstery type and color.

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Structure Material Plywood
Foam High Density
Fabric Color Grey (As per your Choice)
Single Dimensions Depth 6 x Width 30-46 x Height 30 Inches
Double Dimensions Depth 6 x Width 48 x Height 30 Inches
Queen Dimensions Depth 6 x Width 60-66 x Height 30 Inches
King Dimensions Depth 6 x Width 72 x Height 30 Inches
Type Wall Mounted
Package Count 1 N
Weight 15-35 Kgs
Country of Origin India
Assemble Pre Assembled
Any Customized Chat us

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    More Details

    šŸ§” Care & Instructions

    Furniture Care Instructions That Can Help You Keep Your Furniture Looking Its Best:

    • Dust Clean: Dust and Debris Can Accumulate on Furniture over Time, so It's Important to Dust Regularly with a Soft, Lint-free Cloth or a Feather Duster.
    • Use Coasters and Place mats: To Prevent Scratches, Water Marks, and Other Damage, Use Coasters and Place mats under Glasses, Dishes, and Other Items.
    • Clean Spills Immediately: If You Spill Something on Your Furniture, Clean It up Immediately with a Clean, Damp Cloth. Don't Let Spills Sit, as They Can Cause Stains and Damage to the Surface.
    • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Direct Sunlight Can Cause Fading and Discoloration on Furniture, so It's Best to Keep It out of Direct Sunlight or Use Window Treatments to Block the Sun's Rays.
    • Don't Drag Furniture: When Moving Furniture, Avoid Dragging It Across the Floor, as This Can Scratch and Damage Both the Furniture and the Floor.
    • Keep Furniture Away from Heat Sources: Avoid Placing Furniture near Heat Sources like Radiators or Heaters, as the Heat Can Cause Warping and Other Damage.

    By Following These Furniture Care Instructions, You Can Help Extend the Life of Your Furniture and Keep It Looking Beautiful For years to come.

    šŸ­ Merchant Details

    • Manufacturer By: SG INTERNATIONAL
    • Manufacturer Address: Dehradun Chowk, Khanalampura, Saharanpur-247001 (U.P.) India
    • Packer Address: Dehradun Chowk, Khanalampura, Saharanpur-247001 (U.P.) India
    • Marketed By: SG INTERNATIONAL
    • Marketer Address: Dehradun Chowk, Khanalampura, Saharanpur-247001 (U.P.) India

    šŸ“¦ Disclaimer

    • Please note that any accessories depicted in the image are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the product, unless explicitly stated.
    • The intricate design or hand-paint on the product may exhibit slight variations when compared to the 3D image representation.
    • Due to variations in screen settings and resolutions, there may be minor discrepancies in fabric color and wood finish between the images on our website and the actual product.
    • The primary material specified is the predominant material used in the manufacturing process. Additionally, secondary materials may be employed in the production of the product.
    • For solid wood-based furniture, variations in wood grain may occur from one product to another.

    For more information, please contact us:

    Our Work Process

    šŸ‡®šŸ‡³ Make in India

    Experience the essence of Make in India craftsmanship with our precision-crafted, affordable furniture. Elevate your living spaces with our diverse, stylish, and durable pieces, proudly made in India, blending tradition and innovation. Explore our collection today!

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    Crafted with love and passion, our 'Made from the Heart' furniture pieces are a true testament to artistry and dedication. Each piece is carefully designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans who pour their hearts into every detail. Experience the warmth and soul of these unique creations, as they bring a touch of genuine craftsmanship and love into your home.

    šŸŽØ Customize Furniture

    Customize Available:

    • Dimensions
    • Fabric
    • Polish
    • Wood

    Customize your product with us! Choose your preferred fabric and finish through photos or videos. We even offer free fabric samples if needed, ensuring your product is tailored to your taste.

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    After the product has been prepared, we arrange a photo or video call with the customer to present it. We only proceed with dispatching the product once the customer confirms their satisfaction.

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