Free Fabric Sample

Ordering with us is a breeze! You can select your desired fabric for your furniture without any worries. Here's a simple process to follow:

  1. Schedule a Video Call: Get in touch with us through a call or WhatsApp at 7830555690 / 8923684743. We will arrange a convenient time for a video call to showcase our fabric collection.

  2. Fabric Selection: During the video call, we'll present our wide range of fabric options for your furniture. You can take your time to explore and decide which one suits your taste and home decor.

  3. Free Fabric Sample: Once you've chosen your favorite fabric, we'll send you a free sample of it to your home. This way, you can see and feel the fabric in person to make sure it's the perfect match for your furniture.

  4. Tension-Free Decision: With the fabric sample in hand, you can be confident in your choice. No need to worry about making a wrong decision – you'll have the fabric right there to see if it harmonizes with your surroundings.

To make your furniture ordering experience smooth and enjoyable, just give us a call or reach out on WhatsApp at 7830555690 / 8923684743. We're here to make your furniture dreams come true!


Q1. 🤔 Is All kind of Customized Free?

😀 Ans. No. Minor Customized is free. But if you make more Customized. so the price may increase or decrease.

Q2. 🤔 When will the product be delivered to us after Order?

😀 Ans. The Manufacturing time of each product is mentioned on the Product page. Accordingly the product is Dispatched.

Q3. 🤔 Do we have to pay any Shipping charges?

😀 It's Totally Free Home Delivery.

Q4. 🤔 How Much Experience do you Have?

😀 Ans. We are Working since 2017.

Q5. 🤔. Can you make Furniture according to our Size and Preference?

😀 Ans. Yes absolutely. We can do all kinds of customized. Please Contact 📞 7830555690

Q6. 🤔 Can I get Business Invoice?

😀 Ans. Yes absolutely. Just you have to give GST No and Company Name.